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Natural Builders Panama Header LogoNatural Builders Panama is dedicated to the General Construction and design of custom residential and commercial dwellings. The company is also a leader in green building design and construction.  We offer high-level Project Management services to those who wish to bring in external help as they create their own dwellings from the ground up.

As General Contractors we are experienced in handling all traditional and green building projects. We offer a complete service; from the digging of the foundation and earth removal, followed by the general construction of the building, right through to the finishing work, such as laying tiles, putting in windows, plumbing, electrical installations, woodwork, and cabinetry.

We also have bi-lingual management staff that are highly experienced in dealing with all of your sub-contractors and direct employees and will be happy to supervise all of the key areas of green building activities on site.


Uriah Reisman – Owner and Managing Director


Uriah, the Managing Director of Natural Builders Panama, experts in natural, green building.

Born in Santa Rosa, California, Uriah Reisman is the Owner and Managing Director of Natural Builders Panama. He first encountered the beauty of Panama in 2004 while working on a project with the Peace Corps. Following his two year stint working with the Ngobe Bugle indigenous people of the  stunning region of Bocas del Toro on the Caribbean coast he discovered the delights of the cool mountainous area of Boquete and decided to stay in the area, and formed his successful General Contracting company building beautiful residential and commercial properties using progressive, alternative materials. Uriah is perfectly placed to assist you with your green building project for the following reasons… Because Uriah:

  • Is bi-cultural
  • Is fully bilingual
  • Is a fully-qualified civil engineer (California State University)
  • Possesses a unique background that includes construction materials testing and inspection
  • Has 10 years of experience living and working in Panama

Ismael Rodríguez – Supervisor


For over 15 years Ismael has been building in USA and now, in Panama. His experience like a foreman managing various projects, provide him necessary skills to be in our team. When taking on the role of project supervisor, Ismael reassures his clients that his same attention to detail will be carried through to completion.

Beside that, his good communication skills help him to build a good kind of rapport with the co-workers, keeping a harmonious atmosphere between the workers and himself.  He also:

  • is bilingual
  • is a qualified foreman and supervisor
  • possesses special background building houses in USA and Panama
  • has received technical training in the types and uses of the specialist construction materials provided by the company, such as Plycem

Janeth Martínez – Executive Administrative Assistant


Janeth provides the friendly voice you will probably first hear when you call Natural Builders Panama’s office. She is the Executive Administrative Assistant to the Managing Director and other key staff members.

Following a long and successful career in teaching and corporate training, Janeth made the move into the world of administration in order to stretch her knowledge and incorporate the use of her accountancy skills.

She assists in the process of creating new sales agreements and company contracts, as well as arranging corporate events such as meetings and seminars, and has front line responsibility for the acquisition of government permits.

She also manages the company’s accountancy records and acts as the Social Media Administrator. Janeth also:

  • has a Masters in Spanish Language and Literature
  • is bi-lingual and speaks excellent English
  • has a professional background in academic administration, accounting and sales
  • has received technical training in the types and uses of the specialist construction materials provided by the company, such as Plycem

Our Motto and Ethics

With a staff that demonstrates an outstanding level of dedication to the job and fully understands the importance of clear communication between their clients and the company, Natural Builders Panama is committed to ensuring that you will be fully satisfied with the follow-through and attention to detail as we work on your green building project.

Our motto is:

A Fair Business Based On Integrity, Commitment and Customer Satisfaction


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