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      As eleven year full time residents of the Boquete area of Panama, my wife and I strive to be mindful of the customs and culture of our new home.  When the time arrived to do some remodeling and upgrades to our residence, we looked for a company with a known positive track record that we could trust and communicate with.  Natural Builders SA has now performed multiple projects for us which have included a new bathroom, new roof and exterior painting.  Each experience, given the need for some disruption in our schedules, has been positive.
       Mr Uriah Reisman the company founder and owner originally came to Panama with the Peace Corp and apparently quickly decided to make this his new home.  With his engineering education background and design interests coupled with the fluency in the language and culture, he is very easy to work with.  The project bids were very complete, easy to understand and on target.  The completion schedules were reasonably upheld and the workers always respectful and pleasant.
      In summary, Natural Builders SA is an organisation we feel comfortable recommending and most certainly will be on our list for and building projects we might have in the future.

Smith Hogsett Boquete, Panama April 23, 2016

Bamboo House Front

We have worked with Uriah Reisman of Natural Home Builders for two years. He guided us in creating our bamboo home design, organized its construction, as well as helped us with follow-up projects. The majority of this collaboration has remarkably been while we lived in Florida.

Uriah possesses a unique ability to absorb project ideas and realistically make them a reality.  His communication is consistent and clear. When confronted with challenges, he meets them directly and searches for solutions.  He has helped us with aspects of our home that go way beyond his responsibility as a contractor  ... of which we are so grateful.

We are very happy with our unique Panama home and the skilled labor that went into its complex design. We continue to rely on Uriah for advice as we settle into the Azuero Peninsula of Panama.

Hunter Lilly and Linda Taylor - Ojo de Aqua, Pedasi, Panama March 5, 2016