Our Services / Specialists In Creating Innovative House Designs


We offer innovative house designs and sustainable architecture. We can help and advise you right from the initial discussion about your house designs, to digging the foundations, to adding the final fixtures and fittings. Our services include:

  • Consultation
  • Architectural Design
  • Master Plan Design-Project-Development
  • House Inspection
  • Project Estimation
  • Project Supervision /Inspection
  • General Contracting
  • Construction Materials Sales (Plycem)
  • Carpenter Services (cabinets, doors, windows…)

Specialists In Ecological Building Services

We specialize in building ecologically-friendly homes. You can find a selection of photos of our previous projects where we created sustainable house designs here. The projects we have been involved in incorporate a number of alternative materials such as:

  • Bamboo
  • Compressed earth blocks
  • Non-native woods (such as plantation Teak, which saves the unnecessary and wasteful use of native species of wood)
  • Natural plaster (which is generally made from clay and/or rice husks which are harvested locally and therefore do not require a lot of transportation)
  • Rammed Earth (which is compacted earth that is later formed into specific structures such as walls)

All of these items are classified as resources that require less energy to produce and use over their lifespan in comparison to other buildings materials. When creating our specialist house designs, we always attempt to practice a high level of efficiency in the storage and use of these ecologically-sound supplies.

Also, as we often use materials that are found in the actual region of the building project, such as the compacted earth, transport costs are often reduced to a minimum, or even, in some cases, to zero!


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