General Construction / Expert Custom Home Builders


As General Contractors we are experienced in handling all areas of a building project. We offer a complete service: from the digging of the foundation and earth removal, followed by the general construction of the building, right through to the finishing work, such as laying tiles, putting in windows, plumbing, electrical installations, woodwork, and cabinetry.

Natural-Builders-Panama-Portfolio-900-05We work hard to ensure that your building vision and needs are met. As a residential and commercial builder, we will see your entire building project through with you from start to finish, ensuring a natural flow to the entire building process. We are happy to assist you whether you are about to build your dream home or are making improvements to an existing residence.

Meetings and reviews

At Natural Builders Panama, we prefer not to give advice, but rather to provide as much solid information as is required to allow you to make decisions that you are happy with and which will work in your project. The information service is run on the basis of meetings with the client. These can be on a one-off basis, or held at regular intervals.

We can also provide you with product research and advice on methods of work as well as provide you with comparison/specification documents and quotes for these.

What We Do

  • Organizing the site
  • Materials purchasing
  • Bringing in sub-contractors
  • Creating a timeline of the construction
  • Building work
    • Dig foundation
    • Pour foundation concrete base
    • Lay concrete floor
    • Build main vertical structure
    • Build walls
    • Add electrical and plumbing installations
    • Create roof structure
    • Add windows and doors
    • Add fixtures and finishings, such as ceilings, floor tiles, shower doors, fine cabinetry and countertops.

Our Procedure

  • We meet with you to discuss your needs and desires in terms of the project.
  • We determine how we can best meet your needs.
  • We prepare a proposal document that outlines the:
  • Description of the conceptual ideas behind the project
  • Outline of the work, materials and staff that will be required
  • Outline of likely investment / Cost-estimation / Quote
  • Architectural plans (created on Auto-Cad and fully approved by the relevant government agencies, such as the fire department, the Ministry of Health, and the Municipal Engineer)


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