Project Management and Site Inspection Services / Offering New Build Homes and Commercial Buildings


We provide innovative and industry-leading project management, construction and design services throughout Panama, and into Costa Rica. Our comprehensive professional portfolio includes project and program management for new build homes, along with design and construction, construction management, design management, multi-site solutions and consulting.

We are experts in new build homes and site construction - Natural Builders PanamaOur in-house design teams combine traditional design skills with specialist technical capabilities in areas ranging from architectural and urban design to strategic procurement. We also maintain our focus on sustainable design and building.

So far we have brought our expertise to a wide range of sectors, including commercial offices, residential, industrial, and hospitality. Images of previous projects we have worked on can be seen here, and they include:

  • Investment Residential Living Projects
  • Hotel Extensions
  • Condominiums
  • Remodeling of New Build Homes
  • Residential Homes Projects
  • Sustainable Eco-Friendly Residential Communities


New Build Homes Design, Construction Bid, and Contract

  • Technical and functional suggestions during design phase to help avoid any potential problems in construction thereby lowering costs and helping to maintain budget and timeline
  • Thorough revision of finished plans for any design errors and potential construction problems
  • Preparation of bidding documents, construction contracts, and any other paperwork before construction.
  • Independent accurate cost estimation of entire construction from start to finish to be used as comparison of all bids.
  • Timeline of any new build homes construction to be used as goal and to be followed during construction
  • Hiring, coordination, and supervision of all sub-contractors.

General Onsite Inspection

  • Onsite inspection/ weekly meetings with Sub-Contractor and report to General Manager/Clients.
  • Weekly revision of construction advance to maintain timeline
  • Initial inspection of construction setup to be approved as to protect existing infrastructure and existing Landscaping/Greenscape.
  • Constant vigilance throughout construction so that correct security measured are administered and upheld by Sub-contractors
  • Weekly revisions of plans for all new build homes with foreman and site engineer to assure accurate progress of the construction
  • Introduce any changes to construction in the form of change orders as to not impede the advance of construction and at the same time gather and determine accurate costs of changes

Special Onsite Inspection

  • Inspection and approval of excavation per architectural plans
  • Inspection of reinforcing steel placement per architectural plans
  • Onsite during all major concrete pours
  • Coordination of onsite concrete testing and lab testing to prove concrete resistance is per architectural plans
  • Revision of all masonry work according to plans
  • Revision of installation of all plumbing, electrical, and finishes according to architectural plans

Office work each week summarizing the following information:

  • Onsite inspection information
  • Communication with Sub-Contractor/Clients by email and telephone
  • Writing weekly memorandums to Sub-contractor which will include any changes or improvements to be made
  • Investigation of any products or finishes to be used during construction
  • Organizing and presenting photographs of and written reports of construction progress for clients
  • Any other miscellaneous issues regarding construction of the new build homes


  • Routine inspection of construction with routine photography to provide accurate proof and history of construction methods
  • Photographic and written report every two weeks if desired by clients

Sample Compensation Rates

Note that compensation will vary according to the project requirements, and external factors such as travel and accommodation costs which are dependent upon where your project is based. Please contact us to discuss a quote.


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