Fribolit ceilings

Fibrolit Ceilings

Constructive element that visually defines the appearance of a room. The Ceilings give the room a liffibrolit ceilingst.

The Fibrolit ceilings has with marked unions, of a smooth and nished surface, that generate a free space (plenum) between the Roof Framing and the real ceiling.

Besides contributing to the aesthetical aspects, a ceiling must also satisfy the demands and requirements related to: • Acoustic conditions: reverberation time, absorption coefficient, noise reduction. • Acoustic insulation. • Thermal insulation. • Fire Protection. • Incorporation of equipment and installations.


Another advantages:

• They can be cut, sanded, nailed, drilled and screwed with conventional tools.

• Wide range of finishes

• Provide noise and heat insulation

• Moisture resistant.

• Practical, fast and light weight solution.

• Fungi resistant


fibrolit ceilings










Fibrolit ceilings are highly versatile. Elaborated with cement, they can be used on exterior and humid areas, supported on an adequate structure or framing, and on interiors, for buildings of residential, commercial, industrial & institutional use.


  • Anchored ceilings

Those having a metal or wooden structure that serves as a direct bearing for sheets anchored in the bottom part.

  • Paneled ceilings

.An exposed wooden rafters,with decorative purposes, that serves as a bearing for sheets that will be installed by their upper part.


Download Fibrolit catalog for more information (Page 5-7)