Fibrolit for interior walls

The Fibrolit boards by Plycem are consfibrolit for interior wallstruction products widely recognized all over the Americas for several decades. Building and housing constructions requires speed, efficiency and economy ; Fibrolit boards provides technical and economic innovation improving the quality of the end product.

Products Components: Portland Cement, calcium carbonate, cellulose fibers and another fine aggregates.

Fibrolit boards are highly versatile; they can be used with any conventional constructive method , and with the most modern of industrialized constructive systems.


  • They can be cut, sanded, nailed, rougdressed, drilled and screwed with conventional carpentry tools.
  • They accept a wide variety of finishes.
  • They resist moisture.

Plycem Fibrolit boards are produced on facilities that have triple certification in compliance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

Fibrolit for interior walls:

Vertical constructive element not withstanding loads; it divides two interior spaces, in proper conditions of safety and comfort.According to their working conditions,the interior walls are classied in two groups.

  •  Dry zone interior walls

Those found in areas not exposed to moisture. They generally are Interior partitions that divide halls, bedrooms and other dry areas.

  • Wet zone interior walls

Those exposed to the temporary or permanent action of humidity, such as laundry areas, bathrooms, laboratories, kitchens.


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