Plydeck a new concept for decks

What would happen if you use an eco-friendly material to build the decks of your project? You would be promoting sustainable constructions and would be protecting the planet.Decks with Plydeck

Therefore, we make this innovative product available, which can be used as deck in pool and jacuzzi areas, green areas, trails, and patios. Since it is manufactured with the innovative fiber cement technology, you can rely on replacing wood by an eco-friendly material.

This new product for decks changes the traditional concepts for decks with versatility and elegance.

Naturally attractive

Convert any space of your home in an amazing place.  Plydeck offers you the versatility of wood but the resistance and durability of fiber cement that you need.

Easy and practical installation guaranteed.

Install easily indoors or outdoors for an elegant style in any environment. Its formulation prevents damage from pests and it´s fire and mold resistant.

You can find this product for decks in 3 presentations:

6” inches for decorative uses and 10” and 12”inches for high traffic.

Here is the installation guide or watch a video

You can get this product with us in Boquete. Call us at 62441756 for any information.